Rock Fever

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

To add the meat Mariner. To salt, pepper and make jump. To cook 5 minutes not more.

Receipt of noodles jumped to vegetables:
- 100 G Asian noodles
- 1 vegetable or ox bubble
- 1 carrot
- 1/2 zucchini
- other vegetables with the choice
- gimgembre
- 5 spices
- oil

To make cook noodles in the bubble. To drain and reserve.

To cut vegetables in all small cubes. I have to preserve the skin of zucchini but one can peel it if one wants. Then to make jump vegetables in a spoon to oil soup a few minutes: to start with "hard" vegetables more (here the carrot) during 3 minutes, then zucchini during 1 minute, then noodles 1 to 2 minutes. To add a little sauce soya, gimgembre and 5 spices.

To be used as continuation.

The Asian kitchen is a vétitable enchantment for the papillae when it is well ridge: it is charged with spices and perfumes, melting and crusty textures... and the colors!

And yet, there is nothing worse (finally if, but one does not speak about it now) that a bad restau Asian (and as for the other kitchens, they are legions). Then one is tempted to make "like if" at the house. I had already tried almost Chinese noodles, even as they were not dégueu whole. And there, I launch out in ox to onions, accompanied by noodles to vegetables. To however say this receipt which it is Asian would be a quite great word, say that I took as a starting point his savours and that I accomodé myself some. Receipt, like hab', ultra simple but delicious, where the taste of ox is simply associated with that with onions.

* For the amateurs inhabitant of Lille, I advise you restore it Long Chti, street Jeanne Maillotte *

Receipt of ox to onions:
- 1 beautiful very tender ox steack (approximately 200 G)
- 2 or 3 spoons with sauce soya soup
- 3 onions
- oil (of sesame, groundnut, sunflower, olive... as you want!)
- salt and pepper

To cut the meat in cubes or plates and to put it in a bowl with the sauce soya. To let marinate 30 minutes with the refrigerator.

To cut onions in plates and to make them caramelize in a little oil. The choice of oil depends on the tastes: the purists will choose a groundnut oil, possibly mixed with a little sesame oil, the others will make as they feel it...

It left then returned 3 times on the request crowd. It finished by us singing " She said ", song claimed since the beginning and qu’it took pleasure to be unaware of by balancing us with the smile " Not, is my concert, I sing what I want !! ". While the public took again the refrain it buckles is thrown in the pit. It slamé since the bottom of the zenith jusqu’in top and took the same way to join the scene, passing from arm in arm like a headstock of rag. was funny and I think that safety had to corrode bloods in front of this great unconcern…

It was a good concert, all of course was chorégraphié or at least not large thing was left with the Célinou… spontaneousness which had seen the concert the day before m’told with few things close this had seen here, but so much worse. As opposed to what I thought I did not leave sad from there, appreciated, I returned tired but the smile to the lips.

I do not know if would re-examine it on scene but I will buy its second album, word of Lili.:)

Large kisses