Rock Fever

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Asian kitchen is a vétitable enchantment for the papillae when it is well ridge: it is charged with spices and perfumes, melting and crusty textures... and the colors!

And yet, there is nothing worse (finally if, but one does not speak about it now) that a bad restau Asian (and as for the other kitchens, they are legions). Then one is tempted to make "like if" at the house. I had already tried almost Chinese noodles, even as they were not dégueu whole. And there, I launch out in ox to onions, accompanied by noodles to vegetables. To however say this receipt which it is Asian would be a quite great word, say that I took as a starting point his savours and that I accomodé myself some. Receipt, like hab', ultra simple but delicious, where the taste of ox is simply associated with that with onions.

* For the amateurs inhabitant of Lille, I advise you restore it Long Chti, street Jeanne Maillotte *

Receipt of ox to onions:
- 1 beautiful very tender ox steack (approximately 200 G)
- 2 or 3 spoons with sauce soya soup
- 3 onions
- oil (of sesame, groundnut, sunflower, olive... as you want!)
- salt and pepper

To cut the meat in cubes or plates and to put it in a bowl with the sauce soya. To let marinate 30 minutes with the refrigerator.

To cut onions in plates and to make them caramelize in a little oil. The choice of oil depends on the tastes: the purists will choose a groundnut oil, possibly mixed with a little sesame oil, the others will make as they feel it...