Rock Fever

Friday, March 03, 2006

- the first thing, it is that it is very lighting on the reports/ratios which maintain the press barons with the politicians, and this all the more when it acts of a future candidate to presidential, and more generally somebody who exerts a considerable influence. It prevented the exit of a book, it carried felt sorry for against journalists... It obviously has a particular vision of the press. For the anecdote, it is the only person in charge for political party which did not condescend to receive us (the permanent Forum of the companies of journalists, note). What I find well, it is that the journalists of Europe 1 reacted. A few years ago, and I do not speak only there about Europe 1, the things would have been quite different. That proves that the draftings move and that they do not let make condemnable practices. It is fundamental that the journalists federate, because it is necessary to denounce this kind of collusion between directors of drafting and policies.

Ca is only as that which one can make them against-productive, because that will be known and the directors will be able less to allow it.

To justify itself, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach affirms that it is a normal process of selection of the journalists. Are these practices really current and they do not contribute to décrédibiliser a profession already largely criticized?

- Yes, but one should not add some. It is true that this kind of maintenance takes place. On a side, the policies do not may find it beneficial to be confronted with a too corrosive journalist and other, the directors of drafting may find it beneficial to have a journalist accredited to obtain information. It human east. Then certainly, this kind of practice décrédibilise, in a sense, the profession, but the fact that that is known is all with the honor of the journalists of Europe 1. If it is not revealed, that will be worse. But I do not enter this debate of "all rotted". One cannot draw a ball in the foot permanently. One should not be whipped. I know that we are in one time of declinology, but all the same... They are mœurs, and practices which should be fought.
It is necessary to put order and the journalists did their work. It is necessary to support this taking risk, because it is considerable.

Nicolas Sarkozy confirms that Jean-Pierre Elkabbach "is not the only one to do that". What concretely proposes the Forum of the companies of journalists to fight against these practices?

- It is simple, we wish that the Companies of writers be obligatory within the draftings, that the journalists have a right of veto on the appointment of the director of the drafting. Is needed that the journalists has to be able more and are organized within associations. It is necessary that the press ceases functioning as it always did, i.e. it ceases being a business between directors of drafting, businessmen and policies. It is necessary that it is heard, that one exists. It is incredible which one if little is consulted. It is necessary to set up a countervailing power which can be exerted only in the draftings. It is we who make the newspapers, he would not have to be forgotten.